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How To Start Vlogging On YouTube To Make Money Online

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If you really want to learn how to start vlogging that can let you earn lot of money, popularity and creating brand as well. Isn’t really awesome? So, let’s go insights of how to start vlogging properly and earn money.

What is Vlogging?

Vlogging is same as blogging but it’s mainly done by video. So, we can say, if we make blog through the videos that is generally called vlogs. So, Video+Blog=Vlog. In this article we are going to discuss how to start vlogging on YouTube and make lots of money online.

How To Start Vlogging And Why?

Currently vlogging is the most promising and trending way to make money online. At the same time this is a great opportunity to promote almost everything to the rest of the world. How to start vlogging? YouTube is mostly popular and biggest platform for vlogging. How to start vlogging? To start vlogging you just need to create a YouTube channel and after that just need to upload the vlogs to the channel. It is also a great fun to work with.Anybody can start vlogging as full time work or even as part time work like hobby or just to work as having fun.

How to start vlogging

If you like to start vlogging seriously and that can give you tons of money as regular source of income, then you need to know actually how to start vlogging on YouTube that can able to build strong and huge audience with engaged viewers. In this case you just need little bit of planning just before starting a YouTube channel. To be a successful vlogger you also need to learn some really easy techniques like initial research, practice for quality vlog and basic knowledge of online marketing. Don’t worry! All these steps (described below) are not so hard or complicated either. You just need to follow these tips, steps and techniques to be a successful vlogger and will know how to start vlogging properly.


Thinking How To Start Vlogging?

You need to do some initial brainstorming just before creating the YouTube channel and upload your vlog to your channel for the first time. Just take a pencil and a paper to write your random thoughts, mind map and planning for your next steps for vlogging. In this step you have to ask yourself few questions and write the answers in detail to the paper. You may find some difficulties but trust me everything will be very easy and enjoyable to you after completing the steps are mentioning here that can help you to understand details how to start vlogging and make money online.


Why You Should Know How To Start Vlogging Properly?

It is very important for you to know your actual reason for starting vlogs. This answer will help you to grow to the success in vlogging gradually. Do you really want to make vlogging as your career? Or just want to share some fun or interesting thing to the viewers through your channel? You may want to share your talents to the rest of the world? You may like to teach some tricks, tips or some specific tutorials to to help others? Just write the answers to the questions on the paper. Set your goal where you want to see you after six months or after one year, and what after that?

How to start vlogging from home

Consistency Is Really Important

One thing is very important to keep in your mind before starting vlogging as a full time career and that is you have to be really consistent on your contents uploading. Imagine that your channel like a TV channel. Your channels subscribers are your audience. Keep in mind that you have to be really consistent in vlog uploading because your audiences are expecting something from you and that is why they subscribed your channel. You have to value them. You can upload your contents daily, on alternative day, twice or thrice in a week or even once in a week whatever your schedule is, you have to keep you there. This will help you to increase subscriber of your channel s well as your overall growth.

Vlogging with Bike

Find your Interests

Being specific and focused in any subject or industry (niche).is very important when you going to start vlog. The audiences usually search contents or find contents from specific interest sources. So, if you keep yourself in any specific niche then you’ll be gradually well known to the people in same interests that can help you to get even more subscriber.

Which Topic You should Choose For Vlog?

You can start with any interest you feel comfort and confident to present to the others. There are enough audiences for any types of content ideas you already have in your mind. So, just go ahead with your ideas. Just be in our own path and try to create better videos gradually. Great video contents can really make a difference for your channel growth.

Now a days, people are creating vlogs almost every subject you can think about. Here some examples have given to start your brainstorming to generate your own ideas. You also can dig deeper in any subject and work on that. Everything up to you. The more deep you will go of a topic the more passionate people you will get as your channel subscriber.

However, people are creating videos on many topics like, tutorial type, motivation type, reviews, news, sports, travels, exercise, make up, recipes etc. You can be a dancer and want to teach dance to others or just want want to show your dance to your audience. You may be a doctor and like to give some useful health tips to the people. If you are a singer and just want to sing and share with others through vlog. You may like to travel a lot which you can share with others by filming your travel highlights and specials or you may just like to gossip to have fun with others and you are confident enough that others will listen to you with pleasure then just go head. There is no boundary.

Still you have the question in your mind that how to start vlogging? Okay let’s go ahead. There are tons of ideas that you can go with but be serious and go with whatever you like to do with passion, you will definitely successful soon.

Get Ideas About Your Audience

If you already have selected your area of interest to create vlogs, this is the time for you to know about your audiences. You have to ask some question to you and try to find the answers and write down on a paper sheet. The questions are like –

  • What is the main concern of audience about your interested topics? Search on yahoo answers, quara, answer the public and of course in google auto suggestions. Don’t forget to explore in social media platforms. Write down, what actually people want to know or want to learn about your area of interest?
  • The different social media platforms like facebook, twitter, pinterest, youtube, google+, vk, tumblr, medium, blogger, wordpress etc. are very important to find your audience with the same areas of interest. You have to create and actively participate in most prominent and related social media profile, pages and groups. You also have to share your vlogs later after uploading in YouTube. Your social media presence will tremendously help to grow your channel day by day. In this stage you can just browse what types of contents are there and which are going well and which are gaining with bad impression.
  • You have to explore the same for your different primary interests.

The size of the targeted audience and prospect of a specific will help you to decide with which interest you should go ahead?

Do Primary Research About Your Vlogs

In this stage you have already selected your niche (area of interest). So, what to do next? You have to do some research on existing videos on YouTube. Which videos are good, which are bad, which videos are liking by the people? Which are going viral? Explore the trending videos as well. Most of all you have to give value to your audience. If you can succeed to build a good image with continuous supports to the audience then your channel will definitely grow. The more you research the more confident you will gain. After doing enough primary research you will feel that “How to start vlogging” is not so hard for you to start on.


Set Your Goal

After having a clear idea about what your competitors are doing and developing own content plan you have set create a plan of action, How you are planning to go? How to start vlogging? What is your strategy? In which manner you you are going to upload your vlogs, daily, once in two days or weekly. It’s not good idea to upload vlogs with more than a week gap. Whatever your plan is, you have to be consistent on that. 


Get Started

How to get started to start vlogging? You already have gained enough basic primary ideas to be a good vlogger. All the knowledge are useless until you apply in real. And core truth is – you have be in action to be successful. Nothing is going to happen until you step on the action as describing here, Now it’s time to something real that can let you know in depth for how to start vlogging for full time.

Step 01: Create YouTube Channel

A good and unique name is is key to success in vlogging if you want to create a brand image.

ii. Personal Channel

After sign in to YouTube with any gmail account you will automatically own a YouTube channel on your given name to the gmail account.

ii. Brand Channel: Choosing A Good Name

You can create one or more different YouTube channels that you can give any name you like and it will automatically create a separate google+ account.  

iii. Properly Optimize Your Channel

You can vlog though you personal channel or with any brand channel. After deciding your initial plan and creating your own YouTube channel, you have optimize your channel properly.You can take a look for details of How To Optimize Any YouTube Channel Properly?

Step 02: Practice how to vlog

i. Practice In Front Of A Mirror

Before start filming you should have practice in front of a large mirror unless you are damn confident to do better. First you have to stand or sit in front of the mirror. You should start talking in front of the mirror like you are presenting live in fronting of the camera. While talking it’s important to look directly to the mirror (camera). While practicing you should notice some sections need further improvement. So, just work on those and trial again and again until you feel satisfied enough.

ii. Practice In Front Of A Camera

After completing the mirror practice session you are ready to be practice in front of the camera. You can use your laptop webcam for some contexts. In front of the camera, you have to practice the same you did with mirror. It’s really very important to perform by looking directly to the camera lens that can seem to direct eye contact with the audience later. Keep in mind that sound is really very important if you are serious about vlogging. In this stage you have to practice with the real microphone and ensure the better sound output.

iii. Film “Test” Vlog Footage

This is the time to create something real. Yes, you are going to film now. You are prepared enough to proceed to further actions. Just start filming your contents and review the footage after creating. Edit or retake footage when necessary.

iv. Practice Speaking Into the Lens

It is really important to speak by looking to the lens. Many people are doing this serious mistake. They are filming themselves by looking directly to the display monitor. Which result very wired vlog later on. So, take this issue very seriously and keep practicing until you fix it. Keep in mind that you must do it before move for the final stage of filming.

Step 03: Creating Good Quality Content

i. Good Quality Filming

Good quality video footage is really very important for your vlogs. You have to very clear and supportive to your audience through yours vlogs. When you can create quality video footage then you can produce good quality vlogs as well. So, you can think that the ultimate success mainly depends on good quality videos. So, give more emphasis on this part.

ii. Vlogging Cameras

If you have a good quality camera, you can create your vlogs with any types of video camera. Camera is the most important for vlogging. You must have a good quality vlogging camera to create your vlogs. Don’t be panicked before vlogging if you don’t have any good vlogging camera. Just start vlogging with whatever the device you have. It might be your cell phone camera, or your personal digital camera or DSLR or even any professional video recording camera. For more detail you can see Best Vlogging Camera.

Here are some camera with those you can start vlogging with –

Beginner Level:

Intermediate Level:

Advance Level:


iii. Good quality sound

Sound is the most important factor for vlogging. If you really very serious about vlogging for full time then you definitely go for some additional sound input devices like external microphone. You can check the list below as example of some good quality sound input device. Creating good quality video is absolutely important for long term success and it is most noteworthy.


Some Good Quality Microphones –

  • Rode VMGO <See Details>
  • Rode VideoMic Me Directional Microphone for Smart Phones  <See Details>
  • Rode VMPR VideoMic Pro R with Rycote Lyre Shockmount  <See Details>
  • Shure VP83 LensHopper  <See Details>
  • Shure VP83F LensHopper  <See Details>
  • Interview Microphone HD Shotgun  <See Details>
  • Singing Machine SMM-107 Karaoke Wireless Microphone  <See Details>
  • SEREE Head Worn 2.4G Wireless Microphone  <See Details>
  • NeedbeaT TM – High Sensitivity Lavalier Lapel Microphone  <See Details>


iv. Good quality lighting

Lighting is the core factor for photography. You can’t create good quality videos without the enough light. Light is the key point for video production. The best source of light is sun. So, its best practice to shoot under enough sunlight. if you have to shoot film in the night or any indoor location then what should to do? Yes, you have to lighten that area with good quality light to get better quality videos or even picture. You can get some ideas from the example below and then you will able to decide which equipment you should buy. Everything depends on your needs and budget. So, think and then take your decision.

  • 700W Photography Softbox Studio Lighting Kit <See Details>
  • Emart 600W Umbrella Lighting Kit <See Details>
  • Neewer 800W 5500K Umbrellas Softbox <See Details>
  • Fovitec StudioPRO – 2x Fluorescent Lamp Lighting Kit <See Details>


v. Video Editing

After filming your raw videos you have to edit for the final production. Actually this is the place you need some expertise and experiences. You also can directly upload your vlogs just after the shooting. This type of vlogs usually made from the different live seasons. If you are a singer then you can join your audio clips while editing. The quality of sound and its usages is totally up to you. Your working experience will make this better day by day.

Always keep in mind that a successful blog depends on many factors and video quality is one of the prominent factor. Take this seriously. You can use some specialized camera like Canon G7X or Samsung NX Mini, if you are not so good in editing. 


vi. Upload Videos

If you already have completed all the steps mentioned earlier, this is the time for uploading the vlogs to your channel. You have to upload your vlogs properly. This section is very critical in context. You have to maintain properly the system of vlog uploading. You may upload daily in any specific time or you can upload in alternative days, or twice or thrice in a week, or even you can upload your vlogs weekly. Whatever your frequency is you have to follow that properly to be successful in vlogging. You also can read the article How To Upload Your Vlogs Properly.


Step 04: Branding Your Channel

i. Social media accounts and linking:

To reach your audience with your vlogs you should have linked your different social media accounts with your vlogs channel. You have to link all of your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, Medium etc. It is better practice to have an website linked with your channel that can create an authority. You can also read How To Optimize Your YouTube Channel Properly.

ii. Social media sharing

If you already have optimize your vlogs channel properly, you have to share your vlogs to the different social media accounts after publishing in your channel. Through your social media accounts your vlogs will get more views, shares and comments which can help you to rank your vlogs in YouTube.

iii. Create interactive communities

Comments in your vlogs are really very important. You should always encourage your audience to make their comments in the comment section. You have to reply all of the comments. By this process you can get huge number of subscriber for your channel, and you already know that subscribers are the real gold mine for you. As soon as you could able to engage your audience.

Step 05: Monetize Your Channel

You can monetize your YouTube channel in several ways. You can put advertise in your vlogs or vlog page, you can generate traffic to your blog or website and sell product or you can directly sell affiliate product through your vlogs of YouTube channel.

i. Association with Google AdSense Account

Google AdSense can make a difference for your vlogs channel. You have to properly research keywords and other related stuffs then you can expect huge amount of money through the advertisement in your vlogs placed by Google AdSense. It seems like amazing.

After completing all the steps properly and if you have few vlogs in your YouTube channel, this is the time to monetize your channel so that you can monetize your vlogs. You can read How To Monetize YouTube Channel Properly.

ii. Affiliate Marketing through Vlogs

Many successful vlogger are making tons of money just by placing affiliate links in their vlogs description section. You can place your affiliate links too in the description sections of your vlogs and that can generate traffic to your links and make sells, so that you can earn a good amount of money. It’s really cool.

However, you can find lots of affiliate marketplace for your specific niches. So, do be confused. Just search on google. Most of all you can

iii. Web Site Traffic Generation

You can generate huge number of traffic to your website from your vlog. it’s really simple. Just place the URL of your website in the description and that’s all.



You might now very clear about how to start vlogging and earn lots of money from YouTube. This is also a great platform for anybody to promote own ideas as well as talents and share with the rest of the world. So, don’t stay cool by getting the information properly and doing noting. Just keep in mind that if you go for action whatever you learned already, that will make a difference. But if you no nothing, then nothing is going to happen. So, do something and in return get something. Hoe for the best.

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